Peter J. Keitel

Peter J. Keitel

396 CR 495

South Westerlo, NY


Peter Keitel

It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to exhibit my artwork at the Westerlo Library for the months of December and January. My art career began relatively recently. I loved to draw as a kid; airplanes, cars, horses were my favorite subjects. But education, family and career responsibilities intervened until my retirement. Drawing skills are critical in art. Drawing classes by Stanley Maltzman at the Greenville Public Library and participation with the Tuesday Night Sketchers at that library have been a tremendous help to me. I’ve worked primarily with pastel and am now learning to use acrylic paint. So far there is no single, defining style to my work. I enjoy depicting atypical subjects or looking at typical subjects from unusual angles.

This exhibit is divided into three major segments: industrial, natural and urban. The industrial section includes smokestacks from a time before greater emissions controls, parts of vehicles, and a whimsical hook. The nature paintings attempt a bold look at simple flowers with contrasting backgrounds. The cloud is simply done from a photo of an attractive cloud taken during a trip to Gloucester, MA. The urban section consists entirely of interesting geometric shapes. The doors, however, are straightforward.

Enjoy the show and thank you for stopping by.

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